7 Amazing DIY Car Camper Designs & Ideas

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For the ones who love to travel to different locations, and a new view every day, camper cars are an excellent purchase. With the ease of travelling around at lower costs, and exploring the nature, camper cars can be customized as you want it to be. The interiors of a regular camper car designs are very plain, dull, boring and uninspired to be at all the time.

With changing times, and trends, the camper cars can now be customised to as you like them. Chic, or punk, classic black and white, or the pop pink and green? The choice is yours. Explore and do not be hesitant about making bold choices on your own, after all, who knows what you want better than yourself?

Here are 7 most amazing ways to transform your camper car according to your own tasteful personality.

1. Bright Colours & Patterns

A small space with vibrant colours and fun patterns is a great way to brightens up your camper car. You may paint the walls of your camper car with your favourite, or, if you do not wish to do that extra, you can simply opt for bright, colourful pillows, drape the sofa with colourful and fun patterned blankets, or the easiest of all, cover the floor with a bright rug, giving the camper a colourful touch.

2. Maps as Wallpaper

Show off your traveller spirit. Add visual interest to your camper car’s wall using old maps. Add the maps of place you have been to, and the places you wish to travel to. Bonus to adding maps as wallpapers are, you will never be lost!

3. Theme Decorating

It is not always that you like the camper car the way it is, with a little colour here and there. Many people love theming their camper cars, with specific themes like nautical, vintage, or western. This outshines your camper car from the rest and also displays your personal styles.

4. No-Sew Curtains

The most popular and of course, easy, way of adding style to your camper car is new curtains. Many DIY non-sew curtains help you to create a whole new look, without much effort, and with the pattern and fabric, you love the most.

5. Personalized Wall Plaques

To add fun to your camper car, wall plaques are the best. From displaying your favourite travel quote to mentioning something that has some special meaning to you, plaques help in customizing your camper cars on a very personal level.

6. Easy and Lightweight Photo Display

To make a place feel like home, photographs play an essential role. Experiment with the tiny house DIY ideas to display the pictures of your family, pets, favourite places or anything too close to your heart, and give your camper car a personal touch.

7. Don’t Forget the Outside

Interiors are fun but decorate beyond it to add fun to your camper cars. Take a rug, some colourful chairs, picnic tables, and other decoration items or some plants, matching your interiors, to brighten up your outer space.

A little makeover to your camper car and you are good to go. Have fun experimenting!


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