Area 63 Productions – Airstream Restorations

Uwe Salwender restores Airstream trailers in Orange, California. His company, Area 63 Productions, emerged out of a hobby at the beginning of the recession when his entertainment industry related work began to dry up and the number of people looking for ways of rebooting their lives increased.

The quality of his restorations reflects the extra time and careful craftsmanship he puts into these trailers. The result is pristine Airstream restorations.

While the cost of his work may be out of many peoples’ price range, it’s inspiring to see what can be done when you invest the time and money to have a professional do it right.

Lee Schneider, the editor of the SHELTER blog, published an article in The Huffington Post about Uwe Salwender and Area 63 Productions.

Photo credit Area 63 Productions.

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