Brad Kittel on the Pure Salvage Living Movement

Brad Kittel, owner of Tiny Texas Houses, has some great ideas about how and where we the people should be taking our freedom – starting with our homes. I’ve admired his tiny houses for years now and really happy to see him cranking the tiny house movement up a notch.

Brad is suggesting that we’re surrounded by vast amounts of free resources and that if we choose to, we can build a better life from what has been thrown away.

Or you might say that Brad is articulating one path to the paradigm shift our civilization needs and will eventually require. The current paradigm based on debt, consumerism, and what amounts to imperialism can’t and shouldn’t last. New ideas, new business models, new lifestyles, new jobs, new politics, will emerge and replace the current failing system.

We can allow the current powers-that-be to control the shape the new world takes, or we can choose to take it back. Unfortunately the current powers-that-be are so dedicated to the old paradigm that they seem willing to do anything to see it continue. Another challenge is that most regular folks are also married-to/stuck-in/trapped-by the old paradigm. After all at some point in our lives we’ve all tasted that Kool-aid. We need an antidote.

One antidote is tiny houses, not just living in them but the life change and values they convey. Another is building value from the valueless and rethinking true (not monetary) value. Brad has found a clever way to combine these two by producing beautiful tiny homes from what was once trash. But now with the message the Pure Salvage Living Movement sends, he’s showing what a new viable paradigm looks like and how easy it would be to make the transition.

Below, Brad talks about his life, company, and vision for the Pure Salvage Living Movement. He gave this talk at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Austin, Texas on March 12, 2012.

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