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The folks at Cabin Fever have a new design that is just 10′ by 12′ and goes up quickly. It’s called the Zip Cabin and can be configured in a number of different ways. I like this dogtrot-like variation with twin cabins facing each other.

The single 10′ by 12′ unit pictured here starts at about $15,500; the two facing units with the connecting deck starts at $27,700. For current pricing and details visit the Cabin Fever website.

4 thoughts on “Cabin Fever – ZIP Cabin

  1. Icewalker says:

    LOL … you can buy a lot of trailer home for $15k and that additional deck shouldn’t cost you more than $2k.

    Presumably the stigma associated with living in a trailer is too much for the upwardly mobile eco-hipster to bear.


  2. Chris says:

    Hello Icewalker,

    The ZipCabin is not intended to compete in the same space as trailer homes. We have nothing at all against trailers but that’s not what we make – yet – watch this space!

    The Zip is a small, mostly permit-exempt, very strong accessory building that works great as a backyard office, guest room, yoga pavilion, art studio, etc, but also works as an affordable hard-tent getaway place, especially if off-grid is your thing (it’s ours!).

    It is priced well compared to similar structures in its class. The optional 6’x12′ covered deck actually costs a little over $2000 and most of that cost is not in the decking itself but in the extended 17’ SIP roof panels and in the additional foundation which, in fact, is a seamless continuation of the main structure’s foundation, rather than just a separate add-on. A pretty cool feature when you think about it.

    Christopher ‘eco-hipster’ Thompson

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