kitHAUS – Prefab Modern Kit Houses

kitHAUS is cool. It’s a flexible prefab building system built to go up quick and easy and make minimal impact on the building site. It’s designed to sit on simple foundation piers. The structure is a lightweight aluminum frame and clamping system. The walls are SIPs (structural insulated panels). The windows, doors, sub-floors all have high insulation values.

Pre-engineered modules can be used as tiny houses, weekend retreats, backyard offices, studios, and guest houses. They range in size from 117 square feet to 289 square feet and can be combined to meet your needs for more square footage. The largest 17′ by 17′ unit can be constructed in a few days without heavy equipment. Future expansion has also been accounted for and adding additional modules as your needs change is also easy to do.

kitHAUS LLC is now working to make it easier for kit buyers to get permit approval for the larger modules. Once that approval process is complete it will get much easier to get permits.

The K3, the 117 square foot module, starts at $29,500. Pricing is still to be determined for the larger modules. A long list of options and configurations is available to match your needs and cost reflects the additions. But for a reasonable amount of money it looks like you could select a configuration that includes a bathroom, small kitchen and loft and make a very nice tiny modern house.

Although the cost of one of these kits may be more expensive than building from scratch out of lumber you get a lot of value for the extra dollars. I suspect for more owner builders a kit like this makes a tiny house of their own a much easier reality to realize. The speed to build, high insulation value, soon to be approved building system, all seem to solve a lot of common building challenges from owner builder experience to permit approvals. After considering al these factors the kitHAUS system looks like a serious one to consider. Photo credit kitHAUS.


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