Naked Galapagos – Do-it-yourself Tortoise Shell Home

Kent Griswold (from and I finally connected by phone yesterday. It was really nice chatting with a kindred spirt (blogger and tiny house enthusiast). I’ll have to make the two hour drive over to Sonoma County one of these weekends to visit. Seems like Sonoma is becoming the center of the tiny house world. Kent lives there, as well as Jay Shafer and Bill Kastrinos.

One of the tiny houses we talked about was Bill Kastrinos’s Tortoise Shell Homes. Bill has been in the home building business for quite some time but recently started up a business building tiny houses. While their detail is not as refined as Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, they are really high quality and the perfect base for the do-it-yourselfer… and it seems that Bill might be onto this because now he’s offering a tiny house for do-it-yourselfers.

The Naked Galapagos is a steel framed tiny house on a trailer ready for your finishing touches. If you’ve been taken with the detailed design of the Tumbleweed houses but are considering a Tortoise shell because of the lower cost you might consider buying a Naked Galapagos and decking it out with what you learn at on of Jay Shafer’s workshops. In fact maybe Bill and Jay should get together and collaborate and do it for us (hint hint). Imagine Jay’s design and attention to detail on top of Bill’s practical and affordable approach to tiny house building. Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. Maybe even a design licensing opportunity for Jay and a marketing engine for Bill.

But I digress… for more details on the Naked Galapagos check out Kent has the full scoop directly from Bill. Photo credit to Bill via Kent.


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