MetroShed Year-End Sale

MetroShed has two 9′ by 13′ MetroSheds available for $7,495 which includes free shipping. If you’ve been eyeballing these little backyard office/studios you might want to jump on this now because it’s the biggest discount they say they’ve the ever offered.

These 9′ by 13′ MetroSheds are their most popular size. It’s 117 sq. ft. which means that in most states you don’t need a building permit to install one. The prefab kit measures about 5′ by 9′ so it’s easy to store until you have time to build it. They are also easy to assemble for construction newbies. These particular ‘on sale’ sheds also come with a few upgrades like white double-glazed doors, bug screens, door locks, white roof panels and electric kit.

For more information check out If you want to order one they operate on a first come first serve basis so the first faxed order form will determine who gets the year end sale price. Just visit and write ‘year end metroshed‘, then sign and fax back to: (310) 564.2033. Photo credit to MetroShed.


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