Camper Kart by Kevin Cyr

Camper Kart - Kevin Cyr

Tiny houses and functional art has a special place in my heart, so Kevin Cyr’s work definitely strikes a chord.  I’m not sure how useful a cart like this would be, or if it might flip over when one flips over in one’s sleep – but I like it anyway.  Great out of the box thinking for adapting existing tools (shopping cart) for sheltering the homeless. Here’s what Kevin says about it:

“A pop-up camper constructed out of a shopping cart. The project investigates habitats and housing; recycling and ecology; exploration and mobility.”

See more on Kevin Cyr’s website.

Camper Kart - On the Move

Camper Kart - Trunk

Camper Kart - Exterior

Camper Kart - Interior

Camper Kart - Bed

Camper Kart - Counter

4 thoughts on “Camper Kart by Kevin Cyr

  1. Debbie Kesley says:

    Brilliant! I have always had a heart towards those who have found themselves “on the street” and this has to be better than sleeping on cardboard while covered with a blanket with one’s back pushed up against the wall. Great job!

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