Casey Friday’s Escape 19 Travel Trailer

You might remember seeing videos of Casey building his tiny house. You might also remember how that tiny house got stolen while it was still under construction. The house was recovered but the whole experience left Casey and his wife with a change of heart on the whole tiny house thing – but it didn’t change their plans to live tiny.

They chose to purchase a lightweight travel trailer, and have been living in it full time now for six months. It’s a 2015 Escape 19 Tour. These trailers are built in British Columbia. In the video below Casey goes into detail on all the systems built into their trailer, a tour of the interior, how they secure their trailer, and a review on what it’s like to live full time in this RV trailer.

Many people who are drawn to tiny houses also entertain the idea of living in an RV too. While many rewards can be found by building your own tiny home, it can also be a daunting process. A travel trailer can offer an easier path to a tiny lifestyle, albeit with some key differences. Read more about Tiny Houses vs Travel Trailers.

You can follow them on Casey Friday’s website.

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