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Nick Rosen’s Off-The-Grid Community Vision

Imagine an enormous intentional community of 2,000 residents, all living sustainably off-the-grid. This is what Nick Rosen is noodling over since working on his book, Off the Grid. As he traveled while researching stories for his book, he met many people making off-the-grid lives work in remote places. But he also learned how tough it […]

100% Nasty Free – Punkle’s Farm

If the story of Heimo Korth, the trapper that lives in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, was a bit to extreme for you, as it was for me at times; you’ll appreciate this trailer for a movie about Punkle’s Farm. It’s a sustainable farm in Eastern Ontario that grows salad greens, fresh herbs and vegetables. […]

Heimo’s Arctic Refuge

It’s always fascinating to me to run across the story of someone who lives off the land in remote places. One of my favorite stories is of Dick Proenneke, a man in his 50’s that moved out into the woods in Alaska in 1968, built a tiny cabin and lived there for 30 years. Tonight […]

Exploring Land Bargains for Tiny Houses

The internet is brimming with cheap raw land for sale and many of the deals seem too good to be true. Land can also be very difficult to finance. This is because it’s difficult for lenders to really assess the true value of raw land because there are so many unknowns, making it nearly impossible to […]

Locating Land for Tiny Houses

One of the most common questions I hear centers around where people can live in tiny houses legally. The challenge is that in many communities the definition of what qualifies as a residential home has been too tightly defined. For example, one of the things you’ll find are square footage minimums that define the smallest […]

Inspiration: Charles Ray Walker

One of my long-time regular readers, Dav, sent me a link to this tonight. It’s the story of Charles Ray Walker, a.k.a. Bamboo Charlie, who lives in a tiny plywood shack in Los Angeles. They say he’s homeless but from what I can see, he has definitely carved out an amazing home for himself. In 1992 while […]

Whittled Down – Adventures in a Covered Wagon

Libby and Tristan build this tiny covered wagon on a shoestring and have now completed the finishing touches, now they can really begin to enjoy their tiny house adventure. Their plan is to move to New England after living in Santa Fe, New Mexico for some time. You’re catching them at the beginning of their […]

Tiny Houses – Icons of Freedom

While the 4th of July technically marks the anniversary that America declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain, I like to reflect on our country’s founding principles instead. In other words, remind myself that anything that inhibits our ability to achieve our dreams is an obstacle that is subject to removal. I also like […]

Sustainable Architecture – Metal Boxes vs Earthen

This post was sparked by a comment from Steve, one of my long-time readers. In a nutshell, he suggested that people would be much better off living in handmade homes than living in machine-made prefabs. Like most people, modern prefab designs grab my attention. I suspect that it’s their product-like polish and our learned weakness […]

Hands Across The Sand – June 26, 2010

This is almost totally off topic but 50,000 people read this blog every month so I’m going to take a moment to help raise awareness of this event. And you know, where are we going to park our tiny houses if the Energy Emperors screw up all our beaches with oil and lands with fracking […]