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Low-Tech vs. High-Tech Tiny Homes

ow In a recent news interview I shared my opinion about the unsustainability of high-tech housing. Here’s a quick quote from the article: “Wojcik’s tree house is a good example of architecture students who have cast off the rule book,” countered Michael Janzen, 46, a corporate Web designer in Fair Oaks, Calif., and the founder of “It’s […]

Next Stop – Vancouver Island

Portability is one of the advantages of owning a tiny house. While they may not be as easy to tow as a travel trailer – due to their weight and shape –  they are more comfortable for year-round living. So while a tiny house move won’t be something done on the spur of the moment, […]

Homesteading in Thailand

Owen Geiger is well known for his work in earthbag construction. He lives in Thailand and is building a sustainable homestead on a half acre of inexpensive low lying land that was once a rice field. During the rainy season the rice fields flood so to stay high and dry they brought-in about 200 trucks […]

Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel

Located in the funky Alberta Arts District of NE Portland, Oregon (map) is the first tiny house hotel in the USA. There you’ll find three tiny houses that encircle a small courtyard. Each house is equipped with a bathroom (flush toilet & hot shower), kitchen (hot plate, refrigerator & microwave), electric heat, and sleeping space. Each […]


An extreme tiny living experience awaits travelers to a remote spot in the Boreal Forest. This is the Treehotel in Sweden, a collection of extreme tree houses that make-up a unique hotel in the middle of an unspoiled natural environment. Each treehouse if different, but each sits suspended in the trees and is accessed by a rope […]

Beach House in Uruguay

This tiny home offers extreme off-grid retreat at Cabo Polonio in Uruguay – candles and lanterns light the home at night. It’s located out in the dunes of a remote coastal ranch. The walls are masonry and whitewashed, and the recycled windows were cut into the original building during the last renovation. It has a small loft bed, kitchen, […]

Majestic Bus

Located in Herefordshire is a cozy 1960’s bus conversion available for overnight stays. The hosts, Rob and Layla, acquired the bus with the intention of converting it into a camper for themselves, but then decided it was just too big for that. They live on rural property that’s completely off the grid where they raise […]

Milanville Cabin

Byan Purcell and Lauren Manoogain are artists who work in Brooklyn, NY. Byan makes jewelry for Witness Company and Lauren works in textiles. These are some photographs made by Backyard Bill at their cabin in Milanville, PA. Not all vacation retreats or second homes need to be posh palaces. Maybe a little grounding in simple living is what the spirit […]

April Anson’s Tiny House

April Anson is a graduate student at the University of Oregon. She built this tiny house instead of choosing to rent, and plans on living in the home while in school and possibly beyond. She recently spoke at a conference and presented a paper on tiny house rhetoric and philosophies which was well received. April […]

Life in 120 Square Feet

Back in the woods of North Carolina you’ll find Laura and Matt living and working in a tiny house they built themselves. They started building their tiny house in 2009 and it took three years to complete, working on it on weekends while living in Atlanta. Now that it’s complete they have left the big […]