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Convertible multifunctional furniture is a great idea for a tiny house. This particular example takes into account the occasional need for additional table or work space and still provides a simple seating option for one or two people when that need has passed.

Of course the most inspiring part of this table/bench isn’t the product itself but the central idea that to live with less often requires thinking outside the box and finding design solutions that facilitate multiple uses for everything. It’s nice to see more designers thinking along these lines. Read more about this table at dornob. Photo credit to EcoSystems Furniture, the maker of this table/bench.

7 thoughts on “Convertible Table/Bench

  1. lorrie a hughes says:

    make this table bigger in a tiny house and use it for a bed. leave the bench part down all the time on one side of it and the other side convert to the folding table bench.

  2. ArlisVDV says:

    I love the concept but where do you keep the cushions? In a tiny house the table would be the most useful configuration saving the bench for company. Saving space while storing the cushions elsewhere creates a waste of space.

  3. di says:

    Tables may not always be needed:

    Rather than a dining room table, eat with a plate in your lap while on a couch.
    Rather than a desk, try a clipboard.
    For crafts, work with a tray in your lap and a tote bag of handy items on a nearby hook.
    Rather than an end table and table lamp, try a floor or wall lamp.
    To dine, try a folding shelf under a window sill.
    Store handy items on a nearby window sill.
    Rather than a counter top, work with a cutting board in your lap.

    • Gin Di Battista says:

      I know this is a bit late to the party, but keep in mind that some of us can’t do all of that in our laps. Also, sometimes it is nice to be able to sit down and have a full meal with my husband and some friends. That is harder to do when everyone is desperately trying to balance a tray on their laps with a plate/bowl, silverware, and glass.

  4. lena says:

    i would like to know how much is the price and if there is possibility of sending it or 4 of it to Beirut, Lebanon.

  5. Dani Meyers says:

    Just what I have been looking for! How much does this cost? Where can I purchase one? I’ll keep looking on this website but I have not seen any info. on where to get one. Hope to get a reply. Thank you.

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