Dreamwood by Humble Houses – 450 SqFt One Bedroom

The Dreamwood is a 450 square foot, single-level, one bedroom, park model RV. It was built by Humble Houses in Maryland. Inside you’ll find high ceilings, plenty of storage, full size appliances, a spa-like bathroom, and rustic elements like the barn wood feature wall.

Humble Houses offers a few interesting services too, Try Before You Buy, and Park Here For A While.

  • Try Before You Buy – If you are in the DC Metro Area, contact them about staying overnight in one of their model tiny homes for a night or two.
  • Park Here For A While – You may know that finding permanent parking for a tiny house can be tricky. To help make the tiny living transition easier Humble Homes offers their customers a place to park for up to six months while you search for that perfect spot.

To learn more about this tiny house company visit the Humble Houses website.

Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Living Room with Barnwood Wall Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Interior View Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Interior view to kitchen Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Kitchen Dreamwood by Humble Houses - full size appliances Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Bathroom Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Bedroom Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Bedroom 2 Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Murphy Bed Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Outdoor Living Dreamwood by Humble Houses - Steps

6 thoughts on “Dreamwood by Humble Houses – 450 SqFt One Bedroom

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love the house, but would not want a sliding glass door to the outside in the bedroom or a second door at all in the bedroom since I am a single woman. What is the cost of the house as shown?. Many thanks the details are lovely.

    • Blake says:

      A second door is required in a house in case there is a fire near the main door. A solid door with no window and a good deadbolt lock would be just as useful as a window door. Sometimes the second door is placed just outside the bedroom in the hall, but then it takes away closet space. An “egress” window in the bedroom is acceptable in some building codes. There various ways to solve this required design feature.

  2. ward f. mcdonough, jr. says:

    For the Dreamwood by Humble House, what are the corner to corner dimensions i.e. how long; how high; and how wide. We have a 28 by 32 pole barn and are considering attaching one of these structures on one of the longest side of the pole barn? AND is this tiny home on a trailer bed? You have done a good job of hiding the undercarriage. Finally, how do you stabilize the tiny home? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you, Finally # 2, what is the cost of tiny home and do you ship or deliver to northern Michigan (15 miles south of Traverse City).

  3. delilah scott says:

    I love the design. Can I modifie it? What is the cost? I’m thinking of going tiny. I want to know if you can connect two together? With the bedrooms on either side, a greatroom in the middle. Or make it a double?

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