Arched Roof Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

I really like this curved roof house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. It should be much easier to tow since air would stream over the top. The house is also only 16-feet long – shorten than most folks want these days – but very workable for someone wanting more mobility. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses also builds larger homes too.

Rocky Mountain Tiny House - Curved Roof Construction

In the construction shot you can see how they built it. The walls and rafter are perfectly normal – not curved – except for the top plate. On top of that would need to be curved sheathing and roofing material. So in other words – not super complex for a do-it-yourselfer – but more complex than house designed with strait lines.

Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses - Kitchen

On the interior you’ll find a compact sofa bed in the living room that also provides the primary place to sleep.  There’s also a kitchenette with a small refrigerator, pantry, a two-burner cooktop, and a fold-away dining table. Next to the kitchen is a bathroom which is separated by a sliding barn door. The bathroom has a shower and a composting toilet. The loft in this house is used for storage and guest space.

This tiny home is also equipped with a roof-based 1,400 W solar system. The solar system can be also be connected to the power grid to recharge the batteries too. To learn more about this home’s builder visit Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

Rocky Mountain Tiny House - Curved Roof Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses - Curved Roof on the Road


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