Custom Cabins

Marc at Custom Cabins in California recently told me about the launch of his new tiny house construction business. Pictured here is a tiny house on wheels but they also build shed-sized backyard buildings too.

There are two design features I notice in Marc’s design that I’ve not seen elsewhere.

  1. Instead of designing and framing around the wheels, he built up and over them by using taller floor joists. This could add more space for water tanks and other utilities. It also allows for more design flexibility in the walls since the trailer wheels aren’t in the way. The main drawback is that the roof can’t have a tall pitch and still stay under the height limit of 13.5 feet.
  2. It’s hard to see this in the photos but the house has two opposing shed roofs with french doors in the tall walls on both the left and right side of the house. This effectively gives the house two front sides. So much glass must also bring a lot of light into this tiny house.

For more information contact them through their website.


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