Revolutionary Detachable Tiny House Trailer

Build Tiny – a tiny house builder in New Zealand – is using a purpose-built tiny house trailer manufactured by Bay Engineering Solutions to offer their customers tiny houses that detach from their trailers.

The benefits are multiple:

  • House is considered a load on a trailer – not a trailer itself, simplifying the registration and insurance because it would fit in the current norm.
  • Trailer can be removed for aesthetics, inspection, or maintenance.
  • House can be reversed to face away or toward the trailer tongue – useful for positioning a house in a tight space.
  • The trailer and house are made from lightweight galvanized steel making them easy to tow with a wider range of vehicles.
  • House could be more easily sited on a permanent foundation using the standard shipping container locks.
  • The low profile wheels allow the house to have a flat bottom with no fender bump-outs in the floor and wall.

Photos and videos via Build Tiny. Pictured below are more photos of the trailer and The Boomer by Build Tiny.

Above: The trailer is rolled out from under the flat floor deck.

Below: House jacks are used to lift the house off the trailer.

Below: Standard shipping container locks are located at the 4 corners and secure the house to the trailer.

Below: The Boomer by Build Tiny.

The loft inside The Boomer.

Below: The living room and storage stairs in The Boomer.

Below: A fantastic kitchen.

Below: So lightweight the house can be towed by smaller vehicles.

Learn more about Build Tiny.


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