Fold Flat Shelter by Adrian Lippmann

This is a novel idea, a small shelter that folds flat for shipping. It’s the creation of Adrian Lippmann, the founder interior design firm form-al. The interior of the basic shelter measures only 8 square meters (86 square feet) but can be expanded to 13 to 18 square meters (140-194 square feet). The walls are made from a lightweight composite material. The intended use is a disaster relief shelter.

What I like about this idea is that it stretches the imagination and shows that normal construction methods may not be needed for similar small structures. After all a sheet of plywood (or similar material) is pretty darn strong, so when you have a tiny structure maybe you don’t need so many framing members (2x4s). It sure seems like there are some opportunities for more exploration based on this theme.

Read more about the Fold-Flat Shelter at Design Boom

I also want to thank one of my long-time readers, Dav, for sending this my way. Thanks again Dav!

2 thoughts on “Fold Flat Shelter by Adrian Lippmann

  1. Kathleen says:

    I would love to have a tiny home. Not sure what style, but don’t where I can build so as not to cause government intervention (building codes). Is there a state where I can just buy propert and place one. Hope to hear from you.

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