Green Roof Home Office

If you’ve been following Tiny House Design for a while you know that I’ve been gearing up to build a tiny home office. I work from home and my family is growing (adopting a baby girl) so I need a somewhat separate space to work during the days. Next week I’ll be taking a week off work and hope to use some of the time to build my tiny home office.

After making time to build it, the hardest part of this project has been deciding what to build. The current thinking is to build a tiny 5×8 foot with a green roof. I’ve never built anything with a green roof before and don’t know much about them, so this might be an incredible mistake.

The walls would be built using standard wood framing, plywood sheathing on the outside and hardboard on the inside. I’d also put some battens on the outside to make it look like is has board-and-batten siding. The roof actually mimics my big house’s design, so it should look like it belongs there – except for the plants on the roof of course.

I’m thinking of using a couple layers of pond liner to keep the water out and giving it a drip-edge of sorts around the inside of the facade. So you might think of it as a raised bed on top of a pond liner shed roof. You can get a better idea of what I’m thinking from the drawings below. You can also Download the SketchUp File but you’ll need to grab a free copy of Google SketchUp to open it.

If anyone out there has any experience with green roofs I’d love some advice and tips. Thanks!


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