FOUNDhouse – A Prefab Microhouse


Expanding on the WikiHouse open source construction set, FOUNDhouse is a tiny 150 square foot home design made of CNC-milled plywood that snaps together like a puzzle by hand without any metal fasteners. The creators, architecture students Patrick Beseda and Lacy Graham, have added a few items to the basic WikiHouse system to make it more habitable.

The FOUNDhouse Kickstarter Campaign has been a success and they’ve raised their goal of $1,100 for the project, but there are still a few days left in case you want to help move them closer to their ultimate $5,000 budget goal. Two of their backer rewards caught my eye:

  1. A FOUNDhouse Model Kit of digital files you can have laser cut.
  2. A FOUNDhouse laser cut model that measures 4″ x 8″ x 3″

The house will initially be used by Patrick & Lacy while living on the Navajo Reservation and participating in a semester long project to help build a home for a Navajo family in Utah. In the future the house will be used by more architecture students working on the ongoing Design Build Bluff project. I wouldn’t be surprised if future students simply re-architect the FOUNDhouse each year adding to the parts from the previous year  – just to make things fun and more interesting.

foundhouse_microhouse_kickstarter-1 foundhouse_microhouse_kickstarter-2

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