How much space would you want in a tiny house?


I was just wondering… how much living space do most people need? If you’re on this site I have to assume you’ve considered living, working, owning, renting, visiting, or vacationing in a tiny house. You’ve probably also looked carefully at all of Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Houses which very nicely document the possibilities of such tiny spaces. I drew this quick picture to try an illustrate the difference between common tiny house sizes based on standard trailer sizes.

I placed a few common objects in these floor plans just to help show scale. Each house has exactly the same furnishings to show you how much extra space is created by each two foot increment of length. Imagine the width and roof height the same. I even drew an area the size of a queen size bed in a loft above the bathroom to help show scale.

If you don’t mind sharing… How much space would you want in a tiny house? Thanks! Photo via Jay Shafer.



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