How to build a solar wall heater from recycled cans

One of my newest favorite blogs is The Good Human. It’s run by a fellow named David up in Taos, New Mexico. Normally he doesn’t cover how-to topics but the other day I spotted this post on a little solar wall heater he made out of empty aluminum cans. It was a bit involved to make but seems to heat small spaces nicely. Perfect for a tiny house right? I might try building one of these for the Tiny Free House.  Read how he made this solar can heater at The Good Human.

Photo credit David, a.k.a. The Good Human.

7 thoughts on “How to build a solar wall heater from recycled cans

  1. Michael Janzen says:

    No worries 🙂

    I think you’re right… I do remember you mentioning something like this. I was just excited to see it. I think I might cover more homemade gadgets like this too.

  2. Kieran says:

    That’d be a great idea. Human innovation is incredible (as opposed to dog or banana innovation, apparently). I’d like to see that.

    I don’t suppose you’d happen to recall reading or posting something along the following lines: I thought I’d read something on here about a “washing machine” that is like a hand-cranked barrel that is small, and so in, like, 5 minutes, apparently, a load of laundry can be washed “by hand” in that energy efficient device. I’d love to get one.

  3. Suzanne says:

    What are your thoughts about using a radiant heated floor? Is it practical? Also, I was interested in learning more about how you set up your solar panel, especially the specifics of how far from the house, what type, etc.


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