How to Build a Tiny House Video Series & Construction Guide

Dan Louche at Tiny Home Builders has been busy building another tiny house and recording the process in an instructional video series. The videos are now available through his website and show how to build a tiny house step-by-step. Dan tells me:

“The library is currently has 22 videos and over 3 hours of footage. I expect this series will grow to about 40 videos in the next 6 weeks.

The price for access to the library ranges depending on the bundle that the customer selects but the base price is around $269 with discounts provided if purchased with plans.”

Dan also gave me a peek at the videos themselves, and I’m happy to report they are very well done. His explanations are clear, the video is crisp and clean, and the sound quality is high. Each video focuses on a specific topic so it’s easy to focus-in on the topics you choose to review or watch the entire process from beginning to end.

In many ways this instructional video series delivers a lot of the same kind of information you might get from a tiny house building workshop. So while there is no substitute for a hands-on experience I think Dan’s videos are a lot better at delivering the information than many classroom based workshops; especially since you can go back to the videos and review the topics you as you’re building your tiny house.

Dan also has offers a Tiny House Construction Guide and tiny house plans. Currently there are three designs available.

So if you’re planning to build a tiny house, or building one now, you should take a peek at what Dan offers… you may find the answers to your building questions in his construction guide and video series.

This is the kind of information the wider tiny house community has needed for years. I’m really grateful that Dan has taken the time to produce such a valuable resource.

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