Incredible Craftmanship – Plankbridge Shepherd Huts

I just spotted this on materialicious and I’m speechless. The craftsmanship is incredible; really a level to aspire too. I also love the simple but warm interiors. They are built by Plankbridge Shepherd Huts in the UK to traditional shepherd hut specifications. In addition to new construction they can also do restoration.

The frame looks so lightweight and simple.

Here is the interior… amazing. I love the little windows too. Perfectly sized for the space.

The pint of ale was a nice touch.

So where do I apply to be a shepherd? Just kidding (not really).

This last one reminds me of the Mendocino Coast in northern California. Photo credit Plankbridge Shepherd Huts

5 thoughts on “Incredible Craftmanship – Plankbridge Shepherd Huts

  1. Kent says:

    We must have similar tastes. I was looking at these earlier this morning and wanting one myself. I wonder if he has plans or would share a little information on the construction. I’m sure it would cost a ton to bring one across the pond.

  2. Mary says:

    Really like the bead board finish on the inside. Just very nicely done, overall.

    Went and looked at the photo gallery—third from the last photo shows a hut with bunks at one end. A bunk, say, 5 or 6 feet high would allow for storage and a computer work desk underneath, and be easier to get in and out of—-especially at 5 ft high. That height would only work for a shorter person probably, but this has me thinking. It’s similar to some things Ikea has done for studio apartments, but could also be incorporated into a tiny house. Hmmmm…

  3. bruce in maine says:

    I think the 3 interior shots are from 2 (or 3) different huts. There is a sofa at one end, a wood stove at one end, and a simple single window at one end – too many ends for one hut.

    It gives an artificial feeling of spaciousness to imagine that everything you see is in one hut.

    Nevertheless, each hut is magnificently worked.

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