Joshua & Shelley Tiny House Basics

Joshua & Shelley live in a tiny house in the hills just outside the San Francisco Bay Area. They built their self-designed 374 square foot tiny house in just 18 days with the help of a crew and many talented friends. You can read all about it in their book too, Tiny House Basics.

But Joshua & Shelley have also launched one of the most popular tiny house trailer companies in the US.

Joshua has a bunch of experience in the trailer industry and has applied that knowledge to the needs of tiny houses. They also build tiny house shells and complex tiny homes.

So if you’re considering building your own tiny home you should get familiar with Tiny House Basics.

Joshua is redefining the home office.

The front yard.

Tiny House Basics somewhere in the hills of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wide open windows.

Inside the tiny house basics tiny house. Woof!

Detail view of their kitchen.

Tiny House Basics Kitchen.

View from the loft. zzzzz woof zzzz woof

Some dogs can climb stairs. Woof! Woof!

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