Little Leaf

The Little Leaf Project - Kitchen

Little Leaf is an owner-designed and built tiny house on wheels. It’s 20-feet long and has an 8’x7′ loft. Space heating, water heating, and the stove are powered by propane. Like an RV, the house has an on-grid power setup, but can go off-grid for several days.

Priority electrical systems, like the furnace exhaust fan, carbon dioxide detector, and composting toilet fan, are connected to a 12-volt battery backup system. The house also has 60-gallons of fresh water storage.

The house may still be for sale at Tiny House Listings.

The Little Leaf Project - Napping

The Little Leaf Project - Dining Table

The Little Leaf Project - Dining

The Little Leaf Project - Loft

The Little Leaf Project - Kitchen Detail

One thought on “Little Leaf

  1. Marsha .cowan says:

    Really beautiful! What an interesting color for the kitchen cabinets. The stained wood areas are a treat, and I love the way the sitting area is done. Very clever!

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