Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga

This luxury 24-foot tiny house was built by Tiny House Chattanooga. If you were at this year’s Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, you probably saw this house in person. If you missed that event, you can see a video tour below made by Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen.

The home’s structure is strong, lightweight, and well insulated. The windows and french doors are double-glazed. The french doors even have blinds between the glass. The walls are framed with a lightweight steel frame made using the Framecad system. The walls are insulated with closed cell spray foam. This house should be very energy efficient.

The exterior is finished in tongue & groove pine and the roof is steel. Inside you’ll find two lofts, a custom cabinet staircase, a galley-style kitchen, a well-appointed bathroom, and lots of wood and quality finishes.

Tiny House Chattanooga pulled out all the stops when building this show house – and if the house is still for sale, you’ll notice the price reflects that level of finish.

But if you like their work, you can contact them to build you a tiny house to your preferences and budget. Learn more about them on the Tiny House Chattanooga website.

Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga

Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga Kitchen 2

Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga Interior

Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga Bathroom Launrdy

Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga Bathroom

Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga Loft 2

Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga Loft

8 thoughts on “Nooga Blue Sky by Tiny House Chattanooga

  1. Dorothy says:

    This is very, very nice but I really don’t like the climb up and over bath/shower thing. How would you get back out with wet feet? It seems very dangerous to me.

    The steps are a reasonable rise which is good and pretty unusual, but I don’t like that last crawl in step. My knees can’t take that!

  2. LJ Dodge says:

    I’m looking at some vacation land in Riceville Tn….I have a rv, but, would love a tiny vaca home there, near family. I live in Arizona now. This rings my bell! Love the stairs but, agree as a handicapped senior citizen that bath might be tricky. Love to get this company’s info!

  3. Marsha Morris Rader says:

    This is beautiful and I love the tiny home concept….my husband not so much. I need someone to explain to me the cost…this one is 75000.00….my 2000 sq ft stick built house was only 89000.00. I just can’t see paying that much for something smaller than my living room. I know this is top of the line but I still don’t see it.. . But…i do love it and I hope to one day have something like it on our mountain. Or a tree house….i love them too…have a great day everyone

    • Anna says:

      While there is a huge difference between a traditional home and tiny homes, pricing is a bit of a mystery, but the cost may seem more reasonable in a different regional housing market. Our 1200 square foot house in a mediocre neighborhood would sell for 230k. Obviously this cost includes the all-important land the house sits on, unlike a tiny home, but what a steep jump in price for space that may not be needed.

      I stayed in a tree house hotel in Oregon. Loved it! I’ve stayed in all manor of vacation rooms, but that beatuiful tree house and an amazing yurt by the ocean are the two places I remember the best.

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