PVC Teardrop Bike Trailer Update

I got a note from Roy, aka the PVC Bike Guy, and he’s started working on the PVC bike trailer. He’s been using my teardrop bike trailer plans as a starting point and making changes as needed. We’re still noodling over how to make the top part of the frame out of PVC pipe and make door and hatch hinges from PVC pipe. I’ll work on my drawing a little more and include some suggestions from Roy. In the mean time take a look at his progress.





7 thoughts on “PVC Teardrop Bike Trailer Update

  1. Mike McDonald says:

    You got me so curious about this design. I saw that one trailer that the person made to go to burning man and then I saw the cart/tent for homeless people in LA called EDAR (Everyone deserves a roof) and the wheels have been turning in my head and won’t shut off.

    I’m curious about something. What if your trailer has walls on the sides that when you lower on each side it reveals a zipper door on one side and it opens up like a tent. What about walls on all 4 sides that are like a tent, that way you can make it smaller. So all the walls have feet that will support your weight when you are inside.

  2. Michael Janzen says:

    Great idea Mike. I’ve been noodling over ways to hold the trailer level when it’s parked. Your suggestion has got me thinking. Thanks!

  3. Mike McDonald says:

    I was thinking last night (after looking at your model with Google SketchUp) that instead of folding like the EDAR, perhaps when you put in the pipe floor you could saw those in the middle. Stay with me. Then put smaller pipes inside and drill holes for pins then you can pull the trailer out from the sides. It will give you double the space.

    For the floor you just put 2 pieces of the same size wood, you screw the floor on the right side to the right wall at the bottom then the left floor you screw to the left wall then when you pull it apart you don’t have to worry about adjusting the floor boards. Although you would still have to lift the floor to put the pins in.

    Same with the shelves I guess.

    Then the roof, you can put in a canvas roof so that it fit’s snug when the trailer is in it’s widest position then when you push it in you can sew in a zipper or maybe put snaps in so you can snap it shut.

    I’ve been thinking way too much about this can you tell? Last night I spent about 3 hours just looking at your plans lol. I have no plans to make this because I don’t have a real use for it but it makes me want to build one just to build it to see if it works lol.

  4. Mike McDonald says:

    Oh almost forgot 1 important step. Feet. When you lift the board to put the pins in place you then flip the feet down so that your weight doesn’t collapse the whole thing. Or perhaps maybe it would be best if one or both of the floor boards weren’t screwed to anything then you just slide them in place because you might need 3 feet for every pipe that goes across. I know I would lol. I’m 230lbs so I think I would break mine during the testing phaze lol.

  5. Christopher says:

    My $.02 for leveling the trailer when parked.
    Mount the wheels to swing arms that allow the wheels to move up and down, not for suspension, but to lower the trailer so it’s frame rests on the ground. Now the frame and structure is very stable and easier to level with small jacks or just wooden wedges. Less weight/structure needed and when you are ready to go, lower the wheels, lock them in place, and hitch up to the bike.

    • Garrett S says:

      they also have quick release bike wheels that would probably work and be easier than building a swing arm but that’s just my opinion

  6. Nolan says:

    What Size is the PVC pipe? I have also been trying to build some sort of PVC camper for a bike, but a way different design, and I was wondering… Should I use 2-inch or could I get away with 1-1/2 inch?

    I want it to be able to hold up with about 200 lbs with gear and me in it

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