One of my readers commented on Palladio’s Escape Cottage the other day and mentioned another similar house called Quietude. The name was unfamiliar to me so I followed the link and found this wonderful small house designed by Henry Yorke Mann. It was built on a low budget but you’d never suspect it except for its small size. The house is 300 square feet plus a 100 square foot basement. The craftmanship, by builder Ken Silbernagel, is incredible and the space looks ideal for living a simple life.

As you can see from the floor plan the kitchen, bath, and dining area surround the main living area. The bed had been originally located in what is now the dining area but was asked to be moved by the homeowner to a small loft over the entry.

Be sure to read the full description of the Quietude on the architect’s website. Photo credit to Stuart Bish.


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