RV Armor – Is It Worth It?

RVs need lots of attention, particularly when it comes to the roof. So, if you find yourself needing to repair your roof over and over again, it may be time to think about investing in RV Armor.

They promise you’ll never have to do RV roof repairs ever again. Sound too good to be true? Let’s take a look at how much RV Armor costs, its benefits, and how it’ll let you enjoy your RV for years to come without the hassle of climbing up on that roof again!

RV Armor

How Much Does RV Armor Roof Cost?

The price of your RV Armor roof depends on different factors, including your roof’s linear foot measurement. It’s quite an expensive job because of all the labor involved, so make sure you are certain you do your research before booking a replacement roofing system.

RV Armor costs around $140 per linear foot, and the company has a minimum cost of $3650. The minimum is because the same amount of labor is needed for a small RV as for a large one. This is still a fair price since RV Armor offers a lifetime guarantee on their roof repairs.

What Is RV Armor?

Based in Florida, RV Armor Inc is a trusted name in the RV community. They’ll provide specialist certified technicians who travel out to you and apply the entire RV Armor System to your RV roof within 3 days. This will leave you with the perfect roof that they guarantee will last a lifetime.

RV Armor is a durable and strong coating of roofing materials providing seamless coverage. It’s one of the best RV roof coating systems as it covers all types of roofs, including rubber roofs. RV Armor will even promise to remove and replace old wooden panels underneath your roof.

The company offers a comprehensive service that includes seal inspection, underlayment, and primer. They will use fabric mesh and sealant to ensure all of the vents and skylights are properly sealed before applying grey coats and a final white coat of their special RV Armor coating.

RV Armor guarantees that your new RV roof will last a lifetime, meaning no more maintenance jobs for you. With all the potential leak sites fully sealed with their RV roof sealant, you’ll no longer need to worry about RV roof repair.

What Is RV Armor Made Of?

RV Armor comes with a lifetime guarantee making it one of the best RV roof coating systems on the market. The specific materials used are only known to the company, however, with the 100% guarantee offered, you can rest assured that it is fit for purpose.

It can simply be described as a liquid polymer and is high performance due to it being waterproof, UV resistant, and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The material they use is also strong and durable, and once this polymer is set, you won’t need to do any further roof maintenance. It’s basically a protective coating like a tough skin for your entire roof.

Why Do You Need RV Armor?

Reduce electric or propane usage

You may see your electric or propane usage go up if your skylights, air conditioners, and vents aren’t sealed correctly. You need to make sure your roof is sealed correctly to prevent heat loss.

Prevent monthly maintenance

Keeping your RV in tip-top condition is crucial as the last thing you want is for it to let you down on vacation. Having RV Armor fitted will prevent the shrinkage of your roof material and the need for RV roof caulking top-ups.

Stop persistent leaks

Preventing leaks is crucial to keeping your RV ready for use. Leaks in RV roofs can cause some real damage including mold growth, warping, and wood rot. Installing RV Armor will immediately fix any leaks as it includes a liquid roof membrane that is seamless, fully sealing your RV roof.

Prevent delamination issues

If the gel coat or fiberglass layer begins to separate from the backing material, it is known as RV delamination. And if water gets in, it can cause large cracks to appear. The RV Armor system will prevent these issues from appearing in your roofing underlayment.

How Often Should You Seal Your RV Roof?

Sealing your RV roof is one of the most important parts of RV maintenance. Leaks can cause several issues for your vehicle, so it is recommended that you reinforce seams on your roof with an RV roof sealant at least once every year.

RV Armor Reviews And Complaints

RV Armor has been providing its excellent roofing solutions for years and has built up a very happy customer base. Some of their reviews have been compiled here:

RV Armor Reviews And Complaints

  • “Just had my roof repaired and coated by RV Armor and let me say I am very impressed! Finished product looks amazing and you can’t beat the lifetime warranty”.
  • “My roof was just completed last week. They are very professional, work very hard, the job was done in the promised amount of time and my worries about a leaking roof are history! Thank you!!! 5+ stars!!”

However, as with everything, there have been some issues with their service, as can be seen in these reviews:

  • “My only negative comment on this process would be, about the price of the coating job. It would be hard to justify spending $4,500-6,500, on any RV over 10 years old, which is probably when your roof is going to start needing attention”.
  • “I got a quote from RV Armour about three months ago at 130.00/ft. 30 ft motorhome puts it out of economical range on my 20-year-old MH”.

RV Armor

Is RV Armor Worth It?

It seems the only complaint about RV Armor is its pricing, however, if you view it as a lifetime investment for your RV it will potentially save you money and hassle in the future. The fact that the company guarantees their work for life is a big incentive to invest.

You can even transfer the guarantee if you sell your van as their warranty is tracked by the VIN number, meaning it could add value to your van for the future. RV Armor offers a service that includes repairing your current roof and fully sealing it, protecting it from further damage, and guaranteeing you no more roof repairs.

This could be a great investment to give you peace of mind that your beloved RV will stand the test of time.


Finding RV Armor Near You

RV Armor employs technicians who are independent contractors so there are technically no stores to go to. They have a travel limit of 300 miles and will come out to you, making it a simple process. If you’re interested you can find all the details you need on their website.

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