Secret Operation 610 Breaks the Tiny Mold

In more ways than one this extreme structure with a tiny house sized interior, helps us think differently about tiny spaces. It was constructed in an abandoned air hanger at a decommissioned air base outside Utrecht (the Netherlands).  It’s available to artists & scientists looking for a place for thinking outside the box – an apparently it works wonders.

I can see why… not only is the exterior radically different, the interior is apparently as comfortable and flexible as it is visually minimal. It also provides a bit of fun, like a mobile jungle gym where occupants can climb and drive down the runway.

This tiny space may be extreme, and unlike anything you could ever imagine living in, but it’s inspiring because it questions so many norms. Tiny houses themselves are extreme examples of housing that break the mold and reset expectations.

So when we see even more extreme designs come forward – no matter the aesthetics – it’s often a good ideas to pause and see what has been created. Who knows… you might discover some element or approach that leads you in a completely different creative direction.

Read more about Secret Operation 610. Read more at Fair Companies. Images are screenshots of the video by Kirsten Dirksen.

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