Shipping Container Cabin Concept – Part 3

If you’ve read parts 1 & 2 you might remember that I’ve been using this shipping container exploration to test a photorealistic SketchUp plugin called Podium V2. Well I’ve had so much fun it that before the 30-day trial ended I bought the plugin.

As I learn more about how to best render images I’ll post some how-to videos but in a nutshell the main trick is to add light sources inside the drawing. You can also use their photorealistic-ready components (like the Jeep and trees in the image above) and textures to help add to the realism too.

In this version of the container cabin I show how windows can be added to the sides of the shipping containers by welding steel window frames into the side walls. I’ve made them protrude a bit for added function and visual interest but you could do the same thing with a simplier steel frame. I also show how steel shutters can be added to help secure the cabin when the owner is absent.

The interior furnishing are more posh looking because I selected most of the furniture from the Podium V2 components library and not surprisingly it’s loaded with posh stuff – not the stuff you’d typically find in an off-frid cabin. But since this was as much of an experiment with this new plugin as it was a design exploration I chose to leave the interior a bit more high-end looking.

The biggest drawback with plugins like this is that they chew up a lot of computer resources (like RAM and CPU time). My laptop is fairly powerful but I’m starting to see where a bigger tower computer could come in handy. Below are more views of the cabin.

17 thoughts on “Shipping Container Cabin Concept – Part 3

  1. Steven says:

    What kind of material would be used to isolate the metal sides with the framing inside? As we know metal will be extra hot in the summer and frost will most likely build up on them in the winter. Great job on the design 😉 btw

  2. janeandmoxieontheroadnolonger says:

    too boyish. no way to be thru to bathroom from bedroom. bedroom too small. cool idea but ….try again xox

  3. Joey says:

    Wow, I really like the rendering from that plugin, very sharp. How do the available components compare with the free ones available in Sketchup’s 3D warehouse? For instance, you mention the Jeep but a quick search of the 3D warehouse returns many photo realistic Jeeps for free.

    As for the design, the wood stove directly inside the door seems odd. Also, the bathroom would make more sense to me at the end of the bedroom, creating a larger living room/kitchen.

    • Michael Janzen says:

      It’s handy to have so many plugin-ready (self-lit, textured, with reflections, etc) handy. You can find lots of free stuff and for most folks that will be fine. But for those who want a few higher quality components the $50 I paid seems fair.

      Yeah there are lots of ways of laying out the containers. I am beginning to work on other alternatives that could serve other situations. Thanks!

  4. Matt says:

    Are there larger shipping containers? What are their finished interior dimensions? Can 1 be put above the other 2 so that there can be a 2nd floor and an upstairs deck?

  5. theresa strickland says:

    i love this idea. would love to know more as im renting at the moment and looking to purchase in a cpl of years but this has opened my eyes so might be purchasing land and trying an idea like this.

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