Ron’s Custom Pioneer’s Cabin

Ron bought one of my cabin plans, the 16×20 Pioneer’s Cabin, and took it to the next level. Here’s what he said.

“Michael, We just completed construction of the modified Pioneers Cabin.  I had an architect friend of mine modify the base plans.  It took 4 months and 9 days for me and my wife to build it.  I have included pictures.  This is built on 3.1 acres on the beach in Hollis, Alaska. My regards, and thank you for the reasonably priced base plans!”

The modifications included:
  • Increased the size to 16×28 feet
  • Added decks on 3 sides, 6-feet on the back and the side and 10-feet on the front
  • The floor joists were changed to 2×10’s and beams are 4×10’s
  • The roof pitch was changed to 6/12
  • A 6-foot kicker wall was added to increase headroom in the loft – making it a true two-story house
  • Two lofts were built, 14×16 at the back of the house, 5×16 at the front of the house (with an ocean view)
  • A bathroom and utility room were added on the side of the house – 6’x16′ total

Over the past few years I’ve found that most people that buy my plans tend to customize the designs. Truth be told, that’s actually my hope.

Building a tiny or small home is often within the reach of many folks – they just don’t know it. So by showing how a simple home can be put together, I hope to inspire others to build one themselves.

The house looks great Ron! Thanks again for sharing!

Pioneer 4 Ron's Custom Pioneer's Cabin 3

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