Sidekick Homes by Kephart Living

Here’s an interesting solution for those looking for a tiny turn-key backyard house… or in this case a not so tiny backyard house. Kephart Living is producing a line of manufactured homes they call Sidekick Homes.

The model pictured here is the Right House. It’s about 600 square feet and has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a modern style. Other designs are available from 360 square feet to 1,160 square feet. They are designed specifically as back houses, otherwise known as mother-in-law units, or to be technically correct Accessory Dwelling Unit or (ADUs). But they can be used as primary residences if zoning allows.

These designs from Kephart Living are a response to the growing demand for retirement solutions for families wanting to provide living space for aging family members close to home. They are designed to be fully accessible with easily traversed doorways and few (if any) steps.

The houses are factory built with about a six month lead time from ordering to delivery. They range in price from $75,000 to $200,000 and while not inexpensive they are complete homes that can be delivered and installed in your property. Since installation challenges can range widely the cost of installation, foundation, and utility hookups is not included in the price of the delivered home. Financing is available through many mortgage lenders since this type of construction is well understood by the mortgage industry. Photo credit Kephart Living.

2 thoughts on “Sidekick Homes by Kephart Living

  1. Walter Hynson says:

    The designers did not think about older people at all especially when it comes to the bathtub why the fall over old design and not a walk in ,also why all the sharp angles, and the price, you can buy a brand new single wide 14*76 for alot less with a lot more interior space or a brand new camper for less seems as if they want to make alot of money?

  2. TSGordon says:

    Mike is simply sharing his perspectives as one of Denver’s most laid-back and cooperative designers of all time. He faces reality straight-up, -not from the perspective of making every design into a cover for AD! ..If you hate those sharp angles, take along a French Curve when you go to visit. Doubtless, he’ll be happy to add about 340% to the cost of your undulating off-grid solar Rocky Mountain survival redoubt.

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