Mint Tiny Homes

I was checking out Instagram the other day – it’s where the tiny house community has moved – and ran across Mint Tiny Homes. I really love what they do with their interiors.

Below are some photos they shared on InstagramMint Tiny Homes is located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada and they build for customers in the US & Canada.

I’m a total sucker for contrasting wood and white walls (photo above). Not sure if I like it darker (below) or lighter (above). The darker woods feel more rustic and antique to me – the light more modern.

Not much upper cabinet space below, but those tend to close spaces in. This looks clean and wide open. Love the fridge, sink, and range choices.

Notice the ladder on the sliding barn door. I wonder how well that works. Cool idea. Love the wood stove and tons of shelf space. Shelves work fine in tiny houses you don’t move a bunch.

Below, more of the tiny house. It has a couple of lofts and stairs that do a full 180° turn.

The stairs below have a washer/dryer and a bunch of storage built into them.

Below… check out that bathroom. Very cool.

Go see all they do on the Mint Tiny Homes and on their Instagram.

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