SketchUp is Addicting – Ego Martini

One of my regular readers, Craig, has been getting more and more addicted to Google SketchUp. Below are some of the drawings he’s been doing. He actually started on this series before I started working on the ultralight tiny house concept. He also has a great little teardrop trailer and modified A-frame house drawn up. Be sure to see all of his drawings at his new blog.

2 thoughts on “SketchUp is Addicting – Ego Martini

  1. catastrophegirl says:

    it certainly is addicting!
    but i also find it very amusing that on your main page, including sidebars and other suggested entries, i counted 13 google sketchup images.
    just finished using it to recreate a digital 3D of the house i bought last summer and then tried out different fences on it before deciding.
    next up, planning my xeriscaping and then seeing what color i want to paint it in a couple of years.
    but actually i’m having lots of fun creating completely mundane objects and things i own to practice my skills.

  2. John Dougherty says:

    I just viewed your items, which I really enjoyed. Could you possibly work -up drawings for me. If your interested I could
    e-mail you a file with my floor plan 636 sq.ft. Then you could give me a price as to how much $$$$. I plan to build in
    Thanks……….. J.D.

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