SketchUp Wood Stove File for Tiny House Drawings

This is a simple drawing of a small Jøtul stove. I don’t have a brand bias for Jøtul, I just like how they look and have heard good things about them. If you consider placing a wood stove inside a tiny house a few things to keep in mind are:

  • Wood stoves – even tiny ones – generate a lot of heat, so if your tiny house is really tiny you might overheat it with a wood stove.
  • Wood stoves usually need a certain amount of space between the hot sides and nearby walls as well as a hearth to protect the floor. So when floorspace it at a premium wood stoves might be very difficult to squeeze in safely. One way around this is to use fireproofing shielding around the stove or onto the walls. For specifics and options check the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the specific stove you choose.
  • Wood stove chimneys are best run strait up through the roof and they often need to terminate higher than the highest part of the roof. So if your trying to keep your house under 13.5-feet the chimney might extend past that. If you run the chimney up through a loft you’ll need to factor in that too.
  • Wood stove chimneys naturally draw air up, but if air pushes down ashes may end up inside your house. So if you hope to pull your tiny house down a highway you’ll probably want to consider that in your planning too.

With all that said a wood stove on a mobile tiny house might be a bit of a challenge – doable – but a challenge. Small wood stoves might be best suited for homes on permanent foundations.

Download Jøtul Stove Drawing

3 thoughts on “SketchUp Wood Stove File for Tiny House Drawings

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi! I love everything about the tiny house lifestyle and would convert in a heartbeat but my husband isn’t ready for it… yet!

    I just wanted to let you know that we currently have this particular little stove in the middle of our 1300 sq. ft. well insulated bungalow, and the heat it can generate if we’re (read my husband. 😉 I don’t seem to have as much of a problem with this!) not careful, can make it unbearable even in our home.

    Having said that, we love our little Jotul and would highly recommend it.

  2. Charles E A Johnson says:

    We have a GloFire stove…almost identical. It does get VERY hot when loaded. Even tho’ there are internal heat shields on each side. It does ‘glow’ when fired. It now is used as a. chiminera in our front yard.

  3. Philip Taccetta says:

    When I was looking for a small stove I Googled “boat stoves” – Jotul makes a beautiful little stove that mounts on the wall (with proper safeguards) it looks perfect for tiny homes.

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