SketchUp Trailers for Tiny House Drawings

If you do some trailer shopping, virtually or in person, you’ll find that few trailers are alike. So I’ve made this simple trailer drawing easy to adjust to the exact size of the trailer you buy for your project. This way you’ll be able to draw your tiny house design to fit on the exact size of your trailer.

Download Trailers

Just open the file, then copy and paste the size trailer you want to start working with into your own drawing. Be sure to adjust the trailer before you start your drawing.

The main measurements to focus on are:

  • Deck height – The height of the flatbed deck from the ground. Since tiny houses need to be under 13-feet 6-inches to be legally towed without a special move permit (in most U.S. states), the deck height can impact to height of the walls and roof pitch.
  • Position of the fenders – Focus on the front of the trailer to the start of the fender, from the rear of the trailer to the end of the fender, and the height of the fender from the top of the deck. Your side walls will need to wrap around and over the fender.
  • The width between the fenders is normally 82 or 83-inches for 8.5-foot wide trailers. You might also be wondering how a 102-inch wide trailer would only allow for 82 inches between the fenders – the simple answer is that the fenders are fairly wide themselves.

Stay tuned for more drawings in the next few days and weeks.



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