Strawbale Innovation in the UK

I just spotted this on It’s a tiny strawbale house offered by amazonails, the leading strawbale building company in the UK. This tiny house is their answer to a growing demand for tiny strawbale houses.

Their website is filled with a lot of alternative building techniques like cement-free tire foundations and using lime instead of cement as a binder for stone and brick. They also provide nice overviews of the various strawbale construction techniques and recommendations for extending insulating qualities of homes.

If you’re in the UK, or are inclined to travel, you might want to enroll in one of their workshops or even hire them to consult on your strawbale project. For those outside the UK the amazonails website provide a lot of great information useful for informing your future materials choice or strawbale project.


4 thoughts on “Strawbale Innovation in the UK

  1. J W says:

    I live in eastern Kentucky US. Being a temperate rain forest I feel limited to certain types of building. Am I wrong or would a straw bail house work for me? Because these homes look beautiful. And absolutely perfect for what I need. Thank you for your time.

  2. Holly Pilgrim says:

    In Arkansas, USA, we deal with severe storms and the occasional tornado. I am always interested in knowing how tiny houses are secured to the ground, but I rarely see this information included in the specs given…

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