3D Printed House

The construction cost of the printed house pictured here was $10,134 – approximately $275 per square meter. It was made by Apis Cor. in Russia.

The 3D printer prints self-bearing walls and partitions. Workers monitor the progress, but the printer does the heavy lifting. The printer itself is easily transportable, placed on the worksite and even controls the mixture of concrete to insure a perfect print.

I predict this is the next big thing in tiny houses, and can’t wait to see this technology spread around the world. Learn more about this fantastic new technology and the house shown here on the Apis Cor. website.

ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Printing-Process-1 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Printing-Process ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Printing-Process-3 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-3D-Printer ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Finishing-1 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Finishing-2 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Finishing-3 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Finishing-4 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Complete-Interior-1 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Interior-3 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Complete-Interior-4 ApisCor-3D-Printed-House-Interior


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