Thinking Outside the Rocks

rock house front

This tiny house of boulders and stones and located in the mountains of Fafe, Portugal and surrounded by wind turbines. While the photos look a little like imitations this is in fact a real home. This is an excellent example of building a home from local materials and reminds me of the ancient cliff dwellings in the American southwestern deserts.

I’m sure a house like this with a little passive solar design mixed in would be incredibly successful considering the massive amount of thermal mass the rocks would provide. This one appears to have very small barred openings designed more for security than sustainability and would certainly stay fairly cool inside all year long; unless a fire (or heater of some kind) was kept burning in the winter of course.

I sure love the idea of building a tiny home into a grouping of rocks like this though, especially if the rest of the structure was made from rocks lying around the building site. Read more about this stone house on dornob. Photo credit Jsome1 on Flickr.

rock house back

rock house wind turbine

rock house man walking


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