FOUNDhouse WikiHouse Assembly

Patrick and Lacy have finished all the CNC milling of their WikiHouse based house and are now assembling it in Utah. They funded the FOUNDhouse project using the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. They will live in the house on the Navajo Reservation while participating in a semester long project to help build a home for a Navajo family in Utah. Here’s a note from their latest update on Kickstarter.

“We’ve begun the second build phase of the FOUNDhouse project by installing the foundation. We got a great site on the DBB campus and the construction is going quite well. Were experimenting with a new way of starting the assembly of the house. Instead of building the fins on the ground and raising them up, we assemble parts of the fins and stitch them together on the foundation blocks. So far this has made the assembly faster and more energy efficient barn raising with 2 people is hard!” – FOUNDhouse

Expanding on the WikiHouse open source construction set made from CNC-milled plywood that snaps together like a puzzle by hand without any metal fasteners.

Learn more about this specific design on the FOUNDhouse website.

FOUNDhouse CNC millingFOUNDhouse pre-assembly in ColoradoFOUNDhouse on site in Utah

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