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Ron’s Custom Pioneer’s Cabin

Ron bought one of my cabin plans, the 16×20 Pioneer’s Cabin, and took it to the next level. Here’s what he said. “Michael, We just completed construction of the modified Pioneers Cabin.  I had an architect friend of mine modify the base plans.  It took 4 months and 9 days for me and my wife to […]

Cabin in Alaska

Rob Fisk sent me these photos of a tiny 8′ x 12′ cabin he and three friends just finished building up near Dillingham, Alaska. Here’s what Rob told me: I went up in March with 3 friends, dug out the snow, built it, insulated it, and made it cozy in 2-weeks for under $2,000. Two […]

Heimo’s Arctic Refuge

It’s always fascinating to me to run across the story of someone who lives off the land in remote places. One of my favorite stories is of Dick Proenneke, a man in his 50’s that moved out into the woods in Alaska in 1968, built a tiny cabin and lived there for 30 years. Tonight […]