Cool Find on Craigslist

From time to time little houses like this pop up on my radar. This time it was from a google alert I have setup with the keywords remote cabin. It’s a little cabin with a 384 square foot lower level and a 3/4 sleeping loft. It sits on 5 areas in Alaska and has some rustic amenities like an outhouse and no running water. But with views of Mt. McKinnley and the Talkeetna Mountains and a cost of $75,000 is seems like a small house real estate example worth sharing.

The original post on craigslist will disappear in a short amount of time so I’m including a screenshot of it here. If it’s not on craigslist anymore it may no longer be available.

2 thoughts on “Cool Find on Craigslist

  1. Jamie Tyler says:

    Your not kidding Anne I was actually visiting Wisconsin last year with a buddy of mine. We actually stayed in a cabin that looked just like that. Granted I wanted to go hunting while we where there but wound up coming back early. Oh well was still a fun time none the less.

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