Tiny Shotgun House in Pacific Grove

centrella cottage twin house

Julia, Katie and I took a short vacation last week and visited Monterey, California which included a day at the Monterey Aquarium. Katie is almost 4 years old now and had a great time. As we left the aquarium she was a Hammer Head shark… she said.

We didn’t want to stay at a big impersonal hotel and tried looking for rentals on airbnb.com first but found nothing in the area in our price range. Luckily Julia stumbled across a small hotel online called The Centella Inn, located in nearby Pacific Grove.

The Centrella Inn was built in 1889 and in addition to the main building they have five cottages which appear to have originally been neighboring homes that had been added to the hotel over the years. Luckily the homes have been well preserved and had many original features. Here’s what the bedroom looked like.

We stayed in cottage #1 which turned out to be a 10′ by 40′ shotgun house. You’ll notice another tiny house, cottage #2, that looks like a mirror of the house we stayed in, which was in fact is a nearly identical copy of cottage #1.

The house has three rooms. The main living space had a front door that opened onto a quiet side street and a side door that opened onto a narrow private garden. This private outdoor space was connected to the rest of the hotel via a larger shared courtyard which was dominated by a giant redwood tree. The other two rooms were a small bathroom featuring a claw foot tub and a bedroom. The bedroom also had a door that opened onto the private garden area.

We don’t vacation often and when we do it’s typically a short trip to a nearby location like the California coast. When we head back to the Monterey coast next time, this tiny house will definitely be on our list of potential places to stay.

centrella cottage shared courtyard

centrella cottage redwood tree

centrella cottage private garden

centrella cottage bay window

centrella cottage phone

centrella cottage main room

centrella cottage long view

centrella cottage bedroom

centrella cottage gate to courtyard

centrella cottage front

centrella cottage twin houses


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