Help design the new Shedworking Headquarters

Alex, the fellow behind Shedworking, is running a little shed design competition. He recently moved leaving his old shed behind and now needs a new backyard shed to serve as headquarters for Shedworking. You don’t have to be a designer, everyone is welcome to participate and he’s accepting illustrations or written descriptions. For complete details visit Shedworking.

Just for fun, and to help spark imaginations, I’ve posted a simple Google SketchUp 3D file with 10 sheds (tiny houses). Feel free to download the file and create you’re own original drawing or build on one of the houses/sheds already started in the file. I’m still working on my submission and will post it here on Tiny House Design sometime this next week. Continue reading to download the SketchUp file and see all 10 designs.

Download 10 Sheds SketchUp File

Go get Google SketchUp

Oh and if you were wondering if there was a prize, I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think so… I’m pretty sure this is just for fun and possibly some fame among tiny house enthusiasts and shed-workers worldwide. Check with Alex at Shedworking for all competition details.

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