Tumbleweed Tour Video

The folks at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company just posted a new video of Jay and Greg’s big adventure. This past summer these Small House Society Co-Founders took Jay’s tiny house on the road and traveled from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border stopping along the way to give workshops and have open houses.

One thought on “Tumbleweed Tour Video

  1. janet Deuth says:

    I do not live in a tiny house- – I live in an 1800 sf house- which I always complain is to small to be organized – with a busy family of 3 grown children and little grandchildren.
    I love the out of the box thinking about how you organize and build your house to suit your needs. If you can do it in 89 sf- surely I should be able to do it…How do I start.? And where do the ideas come from

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