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Kirsten Dirksen Visits Inventor Paul Elkins

Paul Elkins invents things like micro houses that can be towed behind a bicycle, micro boats, and pedal-powered vehicles… among many other things. Paul used to work at Boeing, but now has fun building fun stuff. His work is inspiring because he pushes minimalism to an extreme. While his tiny structures are lightweight, weatherproof, and […]

Living at Walmart by Pat Pepin

While doing some research for a post on boondocking I ran across this music video I had to share it with my readers, even though it is a bit off topic. I also want to say this is not an endorsement of the big box marts of any flavor. Staying the night in a Walmart parking lot […]

Tiny Shotgun House in Pacific Grove

Julia, Katie and I took a short vacation last week and visited Monterey, California which included a day at the Monterey Aquarium. Katie is almost 4 years old now and had a great time. As we left the aquarium she was a Hammer Head shark… she said. We didn’t want to stay at a big […]

Hungry Hollow Parcel

On Sunday mornings Julia, Katie and I listen to Breakfast with the Beatles, a weekly radio show on KOZT, and dream about moving back to Mendocino County. Julia was surfing the Mendocino County craigslist looking at real estate for fun and found this very interesting tiny house on a bridge. It’s off-the-grid and probably not […]

Help design the new Shedworking Headquarters

Alex, the fellow behind Shedworking, is running a little shed design competition. He recently moved leaving his old shed behind and now needs a new backyard shed to serve as headquarters for Shedworking. You don’t have to be a designer, everyone is welcome to participate and he’s accepting illustrations or written descriptions. For complete details […]

Natural Homes

I really like the ingenuity of the fellow behind the website This is the website dedicated to houses built from natural materials like cob, adobe, straw bale, stone, dirt, and so on. You’ll find examples of natural homes from all over the world. Some are big but many are tiny houses. Oliver Swann, the […]

Tile House by Beverley Magennis

Beverley Magennis was one of my favorite teachers in college. Over the years I’ve lost contact with her but recently stumbled into photos of the home she carefully crafted in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I actually house sat for her once for the good part of a week in the early 1990’s and got to spend […]

Used MetroShed available on Atlanta craigslist

I just got a note from Valeria (a reader of Tiny House Design) who is trying to sell a gently used MetroShed. She’s moving and wants to find a good home. Here’s what she says in her ad. “Eliminate your commute with this unique backyard office/studio—ideal for writers, artists, filmmakers and other creative types. It’s […]

Tiny *Chicken* Houses

When I was a kid we my dad kept chickens in our backyard and we always had a steady supply of eggs. My dad has always been way ahead of his time. As Julia and I begin to plan ways of lowering expenses and increasing our independence we’ve begun to come up with simple solutions […]