Used MetroShed available on Atlanta craigslist

I just got a note from Valeria (a reader of Tiny House Design) who is trying to sell a gently used MetroShed. She’s moving and wants to find a good home. Here’s what she says in her ad.

“Eliminate your commute with this unique backyard office/studio—ideal for writers, artists, filmmakers and other creative types. It’s called a MetroShed, and it’s a 9x13ft office/studio in great condition. At only $5,000, this is modern architecture made affordable. It’s a great way to add extra space in just one day. You pick up and move intact or dismantle and reassemble, which only takes a day with a skilled handyman, clear instructions (included), and the MetroShed’s eco-friendly, pre-fab design. We’re selling our house, and this gorgeous, gently used modern cabana must go. Call 404-441-9824 or email to come see for yourself.”

For more information visit Valerie’s ad on Craigslist.


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