Utter Inn (or in English, Otter Inn)

Yesterday I posted a tiny tree house hotel in Sweden, today I’m posting a tiny underwater house in Sweden. (I guess I’ve got to get myself to Sweden.) This little hotel room floats in Lake Mälaren near the town of Västerås, Sweden. Basically the little red house sits above the waterline and is the access point for the bedroom that’s below the water. It’s the brainchild of artist Mikael Genberg who was also the man behind the Woodpecker Hotel. And I thought I had a wild imagination, LOL. Thanks again to Marti for passing this one onto me too. Great stuff!


6 thoughts on “Utter Inn (or in English, Otter Inn)

  1. Rajat says:

    This one’s truly an example of simplicity being he ulrimate sophistication.
    I am a student of architecture, doing a thesis on underwater hotel.
    Can anyone please help me with a few more details of utter inn?

  2. Brightee says:

    This is totally photoshopped. The designer’s entire internet presence seems to be an imaginary presence to entice support for his design ideas: https://tinyhousedesign.com/tag/mikael-genberg/

    The place has no amenities, there is only a few inches of freeboard that would cause flooding of the submerged room in the slightest storm condition, etc. (And shadows aren’t correct.)

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