Heimo’s Arctic Refuge

It’s always fascinating to me to run across the story of someone who lives off the land in remote places. One of my favorite stories is of Dick Proenneke, a man in his 50’s that moved out into the woods in Alaska in 1968, built a tiny cabin and lived there for 30 years.

Tonight I ran across a similar story of a trapper named Heimo Korth that currently lives with his wife Edna in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge above the arctic circle. I can’t imagine living like they do but it sure is an eye opener to see this kind extreme tiny house living. It’s humbling really.

It’s also interesting to hear what he has to say about civilization and humanity. Maybe the view from the top of the world provides an especially clear view of things.

One warning before you watch the film. They carve out their existence by hunting and trapping, so there is some extremely graphic imagery related to this activity.


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